My reading list shared with you.

I did it — I’m not a designer :P

I wanted to publish on the 1st of March, to keep the pace of my publication schedule. But you know what? It seems that February has fewer days than the other months. Technically, I still publish 30-ish days later — all good!

This month I’ve collected interesting articles that will teach you great marketing tactics and keep your flywheel spins.

Attract by:

  • Analyzing your…

Author note: No typo in the title. It is 500, not 500k.

This is not me — Photo by from Pexels

Disclaimer: You are not entering a sarcasm-free zone!

Superstar bloggers are making 500 views in less than one hour.
If you want to read a success story, follow this link.

Oh wait — you have to pay to…

My reading list shared with you.

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

This month I’ve read a lot of good stuff about digital marketing, web technologies, and even more.

What is on the menu today:

  • The best digital marketing tools you might not know in 2019.
  • A guy on an island building apps and eating ramen.
  • A collection of advice and tactics from 40 marketers about Content Marketing.
  • The story of the Head…

If you are not so familiar with the marketing tools and especially the field of marketing automation. This article will hopefully give you a better understanding of what are the challenges from the marketing teams in 2018 and how automation can help them.

Moreover, this could become very complex as…

Digital Marketing is living an (r)evolution.

In the last decade, new practices appeared and transformed the way marketers do their job. This transformation is in working order and is supported by the improvement of information and communication technologies.

Web 2.0, Cloud computing, Social Networks and Big Data delivered the foundation…

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